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The PooVak Pooper Scooper Vacuum

Gas Powered PooZilla PooVak pooper scooper vacuum

Kate from Maryland:

Business is flourishing. I am very happy to see what happens in the near future.

Hard to keep clean?? Not at ALL! I really like how you can take the top of the canister apart to clean it.

I am LOVING the Poovak. It is super cool and so much different than the machine I was using before. It is awesome and I truly enjoy using it. Everyone thinks the leaf blower attachment is a huge hit.

It is super cool!

Jerry, you did a wonderful job with the machine and I tryly cannot thank you enough. I love it. 

Thinking of starting a pet waste collection business?

With PooZilla you will be able to quickly cover large yards, and leave nothing behind. Imagine how impressed your customers will be when you show up with this bad-boy (rather than a shovel and bag). The right equipment paired with good customer service and superior performance will give your business an advantage, and your workers will appreciate the capabilities of the PooVak. 

$349.99 + S/H for the Complete System,

Includes everything you need, ready to go!

  • PooVak Canister and Gas Powered Leaf Blower,
  • shoulder strap
  • 10pk of PooVak bags,

Pam from Oregon: 

Well I got my Poo Zilla. It's a beast all right! But in a good way, the unit picks up all kinds of poop. Easily! The Strap does helps with the weight.

PooZilla - Gas Powered PooVak
This model PooVak uses a 2 stroke Gas Engine. You will need to mix gas and oil like you would for a gas powered chain saw or weed trimmer.

** not available in California or Canada **

With a 25cc engine, this combination of power and mobility has made PooZilla the ideal choice for:

  • pet owners with larger yards,
  • businesses such as pet waste collection services,
  • grounds keepers at resorts and apartment complexes