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The PooVak Pooper Scooper Vacuum

Videos of PooDini in Action!

PooVak, PooDini Battery Powered Pooper Scooper Pet Waste Vacuum

Demonstration on the most challenging things I could find.

We took PooDini to the park, and set up items that are as bad or worse than the real thing. See PooDini handle whole bananas, chili (yes chili), and uncooked sticky pork sausage. PooDini can handle this and whatever your dog can dish out.

Demonstration on the real thing.

Our neighbor let us do this demo in her back yard. She has two beautiful Vishas (over 80 lbs) and a cute Chihuahua mix. This is unedited video, showing how PooDini works.

Edward at Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers

(using the PooDini PooVak).

Battery Powered "PooDini"
This model PooVak is battery powered and cordless, which makes it easier to cover larger yards. 

The PooDini is battery powered, but don't let that fool you. It is powerful enough to use for any size dog!

The 40V/4Ahr lithium battery will run for typically 30 minutes after a full charge. And the controls for PooDini will allow you to adjust the airflow so that you can get just the right amount of suction and extend the run time.

Steve from Tennessee said: I purchased my first PooDini for a Christmas gift for my wife (the real gift is that I used it to clean up 9 bags of dog poo! I did get her more traditional gifts as well ;-))  The PooVak PooDini is simply Amazing, and greatly exceeded my expectations, even after seeing 5 star ratings on Amazon. As my son and his fiancĂ© were visiting and witnessed the miracle, I simply had to order one for them to clean up after their dog Gracie. Its a great product! Great engineering! Best wishes for a great year and continued business and personal success.

$399.99 + S/H for the Complete System,

Includes everything you need, ready to go!

  • PooVak Canister and Leaf Blower, with Battery and Charger 
  • 10pk of PooVak bags