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Customer Videos of the PooVak in Action!

The "Grand-PooBah"
This model PooVak uses Plug-In AC Electric Power.

You will need an outdoor electric outlet.

Since the GrandPooBah PooVak plugs in, you won't have batteries to charge, or gas and oil to mix. This combination of power (over 1000 Watts), light weight, and convenience has made the Grand-PooBah our most popular PooVak model.

The PooVak Pooper Scooper Vacuum

Grand PooBah electric PooVak, 1000 Watts of Poop scooping power!

$249.99 + S/H for the Complete System,

Includes everything you need, ready to go!

  • PooVak Canister and Leaf Blower,
  • 10pk of PooVak bags,
  • 50 ft. Outdoor Power Cord.