The PooVak Pooper Scooper & Outdoor Vacuum

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Frequently Asked Questions about the PooVak Pooper Scooper Vacuum

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Q: Do I need to order special bags to use the PooVak?
A:  Yes, we created a bagging system that uses low cost materials. "PooVak" bags are made from a absorbent, breathable and durable materials, and give the PooVak it's maximum suction. 

Q: Does the PooVak get yucky, or dirty in the process?
A: Nope, the canister stays clean because of the absorbent PooVak bag. When the bag is full, just toss it, you never need to touch the poo in the process. Also, the PooVak canister is easy to rinse clean because it is composed of non-stick surfaces.

Q:Does the PooVak work on Grass?
A: The PooVak works well on any surface, grass, gravel and concrete.

Q: Does it work on wet/moist stuff?
A: Yes, we have run tests and uploaded videos that  show the PooVac picking up chili with beans and stew. The inside remains clean if a vacuum bag is used for these situations.

Q: Do I need to use a bag?
A: Nope. The poovak was designed to work well with or without bags. The canister will still contain the pet waste because it has an internal debris filter and screen. This means you can confidently use the poovak without a vacuum bag, and save. However, if the poo is especially moist, you may want to use a PooVak bag to make cleanup easy.

Q: Will the waste damage my leaf blower vac?
A: Not at all. The canister has  internal features (debris filter, screen, and ducting orientation) that will not allow poo or debris from entering the fan or mechanism of the leaf blower vacuum.

Q: Is there a cordless version of the PooVak available?
A: Yes, at last. We have created battery and gas powered models. See our home page for details on our gas powered model (PooZilla), and our battery powered model (the PooDini ).

Q: Why not just use a leaf blower vac, or a shop vac by itself, why do I need to purchase the PooVak to do this job?
A: The PooVak contains many features that optimize the collection of pet waste that normal leaf blowers or vacuums do not have. Here is a brief list.

(1) Poo does not travel through hoses very well, and no products have the power required to lift the poo through a hose if it is vertical. Therefore, to collect this type of material, the nozzle must be short, shaped properly, horizontal, and immediately transport the waste into a canister. I’ve tried to use a shop-vac, and the poo just clogs up the hose.
(2) A normal leaf blower vac will mulch and discharge anything that it vacuums up through the normal tube. This is not good if it's dog poo! The patented poovak captures the waste into it’s own container, preventing any waste from entering the leaf blower vac. Best of all , PooVak bags capture the pet waste so you can easily dispose of it, while keeping the inside of the canister clean. 

(3) The PooVak is oriented so that you can easily carry it with one hand, so it is easy to handle.