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Actual Customer Reviews for the PooVak Pet Waste Pooper Scooper Vacuum

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Ron Tilley said: April 30th, 2013 10:14 am This is the greatest invention since the wheel. I just got mine in today and it works fabulous. I have three Australian shepherd on a corner lot in a single family home development. We just had a day of rain and the PooVac still sucked up all the poo. I probably did not need the carry strap because the 11" wheels work so well. But, I am extremely pleased with the product. You could sell millions if more people knew about it!

Jeff Said:  May 20, 2017:

It's not often that I can say an appliance or tool has changed my life. But the PooVak has.It is without a doubt the best tool I've purchased as a home owner.I have 3 dogs who use our yard as a bathroom. For the past 4 years it has been extremely difficult to stay on top of the mess. I'm embarrassed when we have company over, I'm embarrassed when contractors are doing work around the yard. Cleaning up pet waste with plastic bags never quite got the job done. Enter PooVak. I cleaned up our entire yard, including a whole winter's worth of mummified poo, in about 15 minutes. And I had FUN doing it. The PooVak suction is amazingly powerful and it is extremely satisfying to see it suck up pet waste, pine cones, and other pesky debris without breaking a sweat. It easily converts to a blower which allowed me to blow our deck and patio clean of pine needles and leaves. The assembly was a snap, and it feels sturdy yet lightweight in my hands. The suction gives off a deep, satisfying hum as I go hunting for poo. The metallic base makes it easy to sit on the ground and the plastic pieces snap together quickly and easily. My neighbors saw me using it and had to come over to see it in action. I know it sounds funny, but I can't wait for a few days to pass so I can go out and use PooVak again. I can't believe I was picking up poo the old way for so many years. THANK YOU POOVAK! Jeff

Steve from Tennessee said: I purchased my first PooDini for a Christmas gift for my wife (the real gift is that I used it to clean up 9 bags of dog poo! I did get her more traditional gifts as well ;-))  The PooVak PooDini is simply Amazing, and greatly exceeded my expectations, even after seeing 5 star ratings on Amazon. As my son and his fiancé were visiting and witnessed the miracle, I simply had to order one for them to clean up after their dog Gracie. Its a great product! Great engineering! Best wishes for a great year and continued business and personal success.

Donna from TX and IL said: I bought The Grand Poopah for my ranch in TX, it works so well I now bought the PooDini for my house in Chicago... BTW This would be a great Fathers Day gift!!!
I will always sing your praises since I love your product and it is Made in the USA!!! You will see me again on Facebook... I love to chat!!! LOL

•June from Arizona Said:
We love PooDini.:))) It's very easy to use it and very light. But the power is amazingly strong. With PooDini picking up my little girl's poops is very easy and takes a short time:))) we are not concerned about hurting our backs anymore because we don't need to bend. Thank you PooVaak, you saved our lives:))))).

Rodney from Tucson AZ Said:   November 29th, 2012 6:59 am
•Last Saturday was support small business day, here is my feedback on the product PooVak and the inventor/business owner. I received the Poovak from Jerry, he explained the product and his reason creating it. Job well done, I then went to work. Having 2 poodles and 1 Dachshund it is a never ending battle; especially when you are a neat freak. Due to having a grass and gravel backyard I normally spend from 45 minutes to an hour on the weekends on Poop patrol and mowing the yard (Poop Patrol normally takes the largest portion of time). Thanks to Jerry's creation I cut my time down to 15 minutes, clean up was a snap and I am beyond impressed. The pooVak receives a 9.9 out of 10 on a rating scale; the only deduction was .1 for I could not find a volunteer to complete the task for me. 

Miguel from NM said: The Poovak is excellent. In a few minutes I was able to pick up the small pieces of dog feces that rest inside the rock garden. The power shovel would run out of charge before I would finish. I never was able to pick up the dog feces. My whole family hates the power shovel that is why I am in charge of clean up. The PooVak is like a jet engine compared to a battery operated plane. Great design. Great vacuum. Good luck. Great packaging.
•Joyce from TX said:   November 8th, 2012 6:46 am
•Hi Jerry, Just want you to know you're customer service and dedication is superb!!! Appreciate everything. Thank you, Joyce

Steve from Oregon said:   November 8th, 2012 6:43 am
•Got it today. It does very nice with the wet and old flattened waste. Clean-up was very easy. We'll have to use the bags, but that's not a problem. Thank you for the great product. Steve

Lydia from NH said:   November 8th, 2012 6:37 am
•I found out about the Poovak the way I find many of my products and that's research through google. The 1 thing that caught my attention is I can use regular bags which helps me control spending cost of my business as I am just beginning. where as the other company made it so I could only use their bags and their bags were outrageous for someone who is just beginning. 

Diane in Riverside California said:  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! We have three dogs, two large and one small. The PooVak can handle it all. It used to be difficult to get my son to pick up the poop but now he does it without being asked! Of course he leaves it up to us to empty the canister but that's not a big deal at all. We posted a video on YouTube of the PooVak in action. Thanks, Jerry, for this very useful invention and best wishes promoting it! Diane YouTube video link:

David from Florida said:   It works as advertised, for All of my dogs. Because I have a corded version I haven't walked around my community yet. I think it is a great product and continue to be very interested. Overall, a very useful product where there should be significant demand (and is "environmentally correct")

•Pam from Oregon said:  Well I got my Poo Zilla. It's a beast all right! But in a good way, the unit picks up all kinds of poop. Easily! The Strap, I haven't figured out how to use it to it's best capability as of yet. But it does helps with the weight.

•Alison from Arizona said: Hi Jerry, I put together my PooVak last night. Wow, cleaned up the whole front yard because I could not wait. I was surprised that it was not too loud, seeing that I did not start until after 8:30pm. Now a suggestion that I have is making a hose attachment (like on a vacuum) so I don't have to carry around the equipment. My front yard is not all that big, so a couple of moves of the main equipment would cover it all, just a thought. Great job! --Alison

•Steve B. on the OR coast said: April 12th, 2012 7:32 pm Thanks for the great product and the great responsive communication. I'm happy to get this for the family. Tried it out within the hour of delivery; happened to be on a nice day; was ready to go right out of the box and snapped onto our blower/vacuum unit. Lots of rain, so getting out there every day isn't our thing. When we used it for the first time, we had waste in various stages of age and decomposition. Some were very wet, flat and almost part of the turf. It didn't matter, it all came up very nicely and quickly. The bag is the way to go with wet stuff. My friends at work thought I was crazy, but when they heard that it really works; a couple interested in borrowing it to try it themselves. I expect you'll have more orders soon.****** If you're a prospective buyer of this product, take my word for it, it does really work and does a great job of it. Well worth the value.

•Bret from Texas said: April 10th, 2012 8:34 pm
•Rave reviews my friend, rave reviews. Salut my engineering friend, America really is a great place to reach for the stars, and you grabbed a handful. Best wishes in all your endeavors.....

•Kristine S. from Tacoma WA said: April 3rd, 2012 5:59 am
•Jerry, I just got the blower and the Vak. It popped together so easily!!! I haven't tried it yet--it's pouring outside right now--but I should get to it this weekend sometime... Kris "When my sis got home we went outside to try the PooVak. AMAZING! We are both amazed. It picked up every kind of doo: wet, dry, stuck to grass, even my goats' poo (which we plan to use in our garden)! Now my sis wants me to take it next door to the labardor owners, great friends of ours, to see how they like it. They have three big labs who make lotsa big piles! I have a feeling they'll want to know where to get one. I'll be sure to tell them. "You have a winner!!!" Kristine S., dog and goat owner, Tacoma, WA
More from Kristine from Takoma WA said: said:   June, 2012
•The PooVak is (to use a too often OVER-used adjective) AMAZING! I've been using it for three months now on dog AND goat poo. It picks up the poo without picking up the gravel it sits on in the goat shed, and it picks up dog poo in all grassy conditions--wet, dry, high, low. By high, I mean up to an inch and a half high; I haven't tried it in higher grass, since we keep our lawn mowed, but I have no doubt that powered to "high" it will work in knee-high grass! It will probably work in high grass on low power, it's so robust; I just can't confirm this myself and need not over-promise because PooVak works great-- no hyperbole required! My grandnieces verbally joust to be the ones to run it, so they take turns. It saves bending. It weighs about ten pounds (a little heavier than an empty Oreck vacuum)so may be too heavy in its present incarnation for kids under six or elderly folks, but otherwise, I can't think of a single reason to disqualify it as THE BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET for what it's designed to do. I've asked other dog owners what they use; those who use other brands aren't satisfied. My neighbors and relatives have borrowed mine to try it out; smiles and positive comments came back, including "Where can I get one"! If you have a big dog or multiple small or large dogs, you can't do any better than to get a PooVak. It will make poo patrol a pleasure! Ideal for busy homeowners, kennels, zookeepers and others who would rather use your spare time doing something other than scooping poop!

•Mike in AZ said: April 1st, 2012 3:12 pm
•This is a great product! Using existing equipment, we quickly and cleanly pick up our pooch's waste. The suction is strong; not so strong that it picks up 1/4 inch gravel along with the waste. The approach angle on the nozzle is designed so that no tilting or lifting is required. The construction is pretty simple and strong.. We are very happy with our Poovak; we first tried one from a well- known online reseller. We were very dissapointed with the lack of suction. This product blows it away... Thanks to Poovak we clean up fast our backs are saved!