The PooVak(TM) Pooper Scooper Vac

Why the PooVak

Quite Simply, we were tired of the bending over and picking up after our two wonderfull but well fed dogs. This is Ginger, we adopted her from the Humane Society in 2010. Back to our story. We thought, there must be a cleaner and easier way. So being the Aerospace engineer that I am, I set out to create a solution that would actually work. After showing a prototype to some friends, we were encouraged to refine the concept and offer it for sale.  Needless to say, we and our customers are satisfied with the power and performance of this system.

As mentioned, we were tired of the long and dirty task of picking up the dog poo from our two dogs (one weighs 60 lbs, the other 40 lbs). In fact, we would let it collect for weeks, sometimes a month before getting the plastic bags out, and the spoon, and then spending sometimes an hour collecting the poo in the yard. We were embarrased also, because when friends would come over, the yard was not in the best of shape. Frankly, since I had major back surgery in 2009, I am unable to do all the bending, and my wife is too busy with work and running the house to get to this task. So we needed a solution.

If you purchase this product from us, you will get a full refund plus original shipping (we ask that you pay the return shipping), if you are not completely satisfied, that is my promise. We think this product has the ability to help the elderly and ordinary folks to pick up after their pets in a convenient and hygienic manner. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to collect a weeks worth, and the process is clean and very easy. I don't need to bend over, and the vacuum bag makes it so that I don't need to clean the vac, or touch any of the poo.

Is it safe? Well, this is what I was most concerned about when perfecting the design. The Blower/Vac is very powerful, and I wanted to be sure that no poo, or dust or rocks could be accidently injested into the turbine/fan of the Blower/Vac. Therefore, there are several design features, including a screen, indirect suction, baffles, and traps, and of course the bag, that all work together to prevent the s**t from hitting the fan.

If you have a medical condition or if you're just busy with life, the PooVak will make the job easier, quicker, and cleaner than any other method available, except unless you hire someone to do this job.

So as I'm now saying: "Don't mess around, get the PooVak".

Thanks for reading. You can place your order through our website.

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