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‚ÄčQuotes from the very first PooVak Customers:

Diane in Riverside California said: April 24th, 2012 

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! We have three dogs, two large and one small. The PooVak can handle it all. It used to be difficult to get my son to pick up the poop but now he does it without being asked! Of course he leaves it up to us to empty the canister but that's not a big deal at all. We posted a video on YouTube of the PooVak in action. Thanks, Jerry, for this very useful invention and best wishes promoting it! Diane YouTube video link:

Steve B. on the OR coast said: April 12th, 2012
We had waste in various stages of age and decomposition. Some were very wet, flat and almost part of the turf. It didn't matter, it all came up very nicely and quickly. If you're a prospective buyer of this product, take my word for it, it does really work and does a great job of it. Well worth the value.

Bret from Texas said: April 10th, 2012

"Rave reviews my friend, rave reviews. Salut my engineering friend, America really is a great place to reach for the stars, and you grabbed a handful. Best wishes in all your endeavors....."

Kristine S. from Tacoma WA: April 3rd, 2012
"When my sis got home we went outside to try the PooVak. AMAZING! We are both amazed. It picked up every kind of doo: wet, dry, stuck to grass, even my goats' poo (which we plan to use in our garden)! You have a winner!!!" Kristine S., dog and goat owner

Mike in AZ said: April 1st, 2012
This is a great product! The suction is strong; not so strong that it picks up 1/4 inch gravel along with the waste. We are very happy with our Poovak; we first tried a different product from a well- known online reseller. We were very dissapointed with the lack of suction (other product). This product blows it away... Thanks to Poovak we clean up fast our backs are saved!

the poovak will work for any size dog breed guaranteed
battery powered poovak mini for mobility and smaller dogs
poovak pet waste pooper scooper vacuum

Link to get more PooVak Bags.

12-1/2" x 16-1/2" Spun Bond Polypropylene Pouch

My Cool Inventions featuring Akos 'The Solutionist' and John Cremeans 'The Doctor of Shopology'! Join in their search for the next cool invention. Featuring the Pitch of Inventor Jerry Robichaux and his Invention "PooVak"!

The PooVak was featured on the HIT TV show

" I Gotta Have That."


POOVAK, LLC has suspended production, and at this time is not accepting new orders.

From 2012 - 2017 for 5 years the PooVak was available to pet owners across the US.

We have received tremendous accolades from pet owners and businesses, see our reviews.

Now it is time to find a manufacturing partner and pursue licensing of the PooVak pooper scooper concept. 

The PooVak is a patented product. So if you are an investor, or business that manufactures pet related products, and are interested in the PooVak as a product for your customers, then please send us an email at

Benefits of using the PooVak, and why You will LOVE IT!

The PooVak makes Poo-Patrol  Quick and Easy:
The canister is large enough so you can collect a weeks worth of pet waste in just minutes. The process is  Touch Free, and the Ergonomic Design makes using the PooVak comfortable and easy to carry and use.  You won't have to bend over to collect and dispose of your pet's waste. Plus, the enhanced mobility of the PooVak-mini makes it easier to scoop for pet owners who use mobility devices such as electric scooters.

Low Cost to use:
The Canister design allows for bag or bagless operation.
Use our "PooVak bags" which cost  only 60 cents each.  You can also reuse the bag, when the canister is full, just dump out the poo, and it's ready for another go. I reuse the bags many times before replacing them.

Having a cleaner yard will help Prevent the Spread of the  of Canine Parvo-Virus:
The Parvo-Virus is highly contageous, and regularly picking up your pet's waste is the best method of preventing the infection and spread of this harmful disease.

Vacuuming waste from the ground leaves less mess behind than any other method. Vacuum action will get in between gravel, roots or any irregular surface and foliage. Think about your garden or your fresh cut lawn.

Waste is collected into a disposable filtered vacuum bag, so you don't need to physically touch the waste in the collection and disposal process.

More Dignified:

Because picking up pet waste by hand or with a shovel is icky, yucky, repulsive, nauseating, groos and not dignified.

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The PooVak Pooper Scooper Vacuum
Electric Grand PooBah PooVak Pooper Scopper

Poovak Pooper scooper vacuum your pet's waste into a disposable bag. Why, because picking up pet waste by hand or with a shovel is revolting, repellent, repulsive, sickening, nauseating, yucky, icky, groos, and not dignified. Use the PooVak-mini for smaller dogs and if you need Mobility devices such as electric scooters.

The PooVak comes in Electric, Gas, and Battery Powered Configurations. Select a Model Below For More Details and how to Order.

battery powered pooper scooper vacuum PooVak Poodini


The patented PooVak uses suction power to vacuum pet waste into a disposable bag, 

making Poo-Patrol easier,


and more Dignified!