The PooVak(TM) Pooper Scooper Vac


The PooVak allows you to quickly and easily vacuum your Pet's waste into a disposable bag.

Touch free, and no bending over required.
Clean-up is a snap with the PooVak.

Introducing the PooVak 

The PooVak™ is a safe yet powerful pet waste Pooper-Scooper Vacuum.

  The PooVak is proudly made in the USA and includes a 30 day Money Back Guarantee!



Let’s face it, pet waste is annoying and clean-up is a necessary duty of pet owners. But who has the time, and who wants to do this? Isn’t there an easier, cleaner, more dignified way?

The original patented PooVak(R)  US Patent 8631540, uses the suction power of a Leaf-Blower to vacuum pet waste making this sanitation problem a breeze. And the absorbent PooVak bag keeps the inside of the canister clean, and you just toss the bag when you're done, never touching the poo in the process.

Plus, since the PooVak uses a Leaf Blower, you get two great tools, a leaf blower and the PooVak, making the PooVak a great value!

Dear Customers: Production of the PooVak is currently suspended. 
We are currently seeking licensing opportunities with major manufacturers.
If you are interested in purchasing a PooVak, and believe this product could help you with your pet waste collection, then please let us know by sending an email to 
Your interest in this product will help in future discussions.
Thank You.

If you represent a company that is interested in manufacturing the PooVak, then please email to

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PooVak Systems :


For Pet Sizes
 and Order Link:

 $249.99 +s/h

more info & video

Battery Powered PooVak "PooDini"

Weighs just 10 lbs.
Includes PooVak,
battery and charger,
and 10 PooVak Bags.

(Optional Shoulder strap available).


"We love PooDini.:))) It's very easy to use it and very light. But the power is amazingly strong. With PooDini picking up my little girl's poops is very easy and takes a short time:))) we are not concerned about hurting our backs anymore because we don't need to bend. Thank you PooVak, you saved our lives:)))))." Gulnur from AZ.


PooDini (36V) is
Recommended for pets up to 60 lbs.

currently out of stock.


$119.99 + (s/h)

  more info & video 

Electric Powered PooVak Attachment Only:
the "Grand-PooBah"

Use your Leaf Blower: (click here for details)

Includes 10 PooVak Bags

Weighs just 12 lbs.

(Optional shoulder strap and wheel kit available).


"This is the greatest invention since the wheel
. I just got mine in today and it works fabulous. I have three Australian shepherds on a corner lot in a single family home development. We just had a day of rain and the PooVak still sucked up all the poo.", Ron from NJ.

Recommended for pets up to 100 lbs .


currently out of stock.


Customer Reviews

 $199.99 + (s/h)
more info & video


Electric Powered PooVak, the

Comes with everything you need:
Leaf Blower (Includes all attachments), you can vaccum and mulch leaves as well.
10 PooVak Bags,
50' outdoor Power Cord
Weighs just 12 lbs.

(Optional shoulder strap and wheel kit available).

"I bought The Grand PooBah for my ranch in TX, it works so well I now bought the PooDini for my house in Chicago...
BTW This would be a great Fathers Day gift!!!
I will always sing your praises since I love your product and it is Made in the USA!!! ", Donna from Tx.

Recommended for pets up to 100 lbs .


currently out of stock

Customer Reviews



GAS Powered PooVak 

$249.99 + (s/h)
more info & video

Gas Powered PooVak

Offered as a complete system.
Uses a Gas Powered Leaf Blower with a 25CC two stroke engine.

Power to spare, and mobility.
Weighs just 15 lbs.

(Optional Shoulder Strap and wheel kit available).
Amazing performance on any sized pet poo.


"Well I got my Poo Zilla. It's a beast all right! But in a good way, the unit picks up all kinds of poop. Easily!", Pam from Oregon.

Recommended for large yards. Pets up to 100 lbs.


currently out of stock.
Customer Reviews


Accessories for your PooVak                      


PooVak Bags

$5.00 for pack of 10 + $5.00 s/h

Enough for 1 Year: $22 for pack of 50 (12% discount) + $8.00 s/h

Note: Because of shopping cart limitations: If ordering additional PooVak bags with your original PooVak order, the s/h charges ($5.00 and $8.00) will be billed, but we will add additional bags (10 extra bags for the $5 s/h, and 16 bags for the $8 s/h). 
PooVak bags capture the pet waste so you can easily dispose of it, while keeping the inside of the canister clean.

PooVak pet waste bags are absorbent, and
they keep the inside of the canister clean. You just toss the bag when you're done. You never have to touch the poo in the process.
A year's supply of 50 bags will only cost just $30.00. 

Quantity of 10 or 50 available.

Secure Store.

 6 Inch Wheel Kit

Price: $19.99

Navigate your PooVak without having to lift it.

6 Inch Wheel Kit provides 3" of ground clearance.
Available at checkout for all models (except PooDini).

11 Inch Wheel Kit


Price: $39.99

Navigate Tall Grass without having to lift the PooVak.

11 Inch Wheel Kit provides 5.5" of ground clearance.
Available at checkout for all models (except PooDini).

With the PooVak you won't have to Bend Over  to Collect your Pet's Waste. 
So Easy anyone can use (not recommended for ages under 12 years).

Benefits of using the PooVak:

 Low Cost to use:

 •Canister design allows for bag or bagless operation.

 Use our "PooVak bags" which cost 50 cents each.  You can also reuse the bag, when the canister is full, just dump out the poo, and it's ready for another go. I reuse the bags many times before replacing them.

Prevention of Canine Parvo-Virus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canine_parvovirus

 ·         The Parvo-Virus is highly contageous, and regularly picking up your pet's waste is the best method of preventing the infection and spread of this harmful disease.


 ·         Waste is collected into a disposable filtered vacuum bag, so you don't need to physically touch the waste in the collection and disposal process

 ·         Vacuum air is filtered through the vacuum bag, therefore there is very little odor or debris sent into the air

 Quick and Easy:

 ·         1 . 5 Gallon capacity canister, can collect a weeks worth of pet waste in just minutes (A/C and Gas powered PooVaks), and 1 Gallon capacity canister for the Cordless PooDini, and the PooMiser Jr.


Quotes from recent PooVak Customers:

Diane in Riverside California said: April 24th, 2012 4:53 pm ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! We have three dogs, two large and one small. The PooVak can handle it all. It used to be difficult to get my son to pick up the poop but now he does it without being asked! Of course he leaves it up to us to empty the canister but that's not a big deal at all. We posted a video on YouTube of the PooVak in action. Thanks, Jerry, for this very useful invention and best wishes promoting it! Diane YouTube video link: http://youtu.be/91SNnE5P1cQ

Steve B. on the OR coast said: April 12th, 2012 7:32 pm

We had waste in various stages of age and decomposition. Some were very wet, flat and almost part of the turf. It didn't matter, it all came up very nicely and quickly. If you're a prospective buyer of this product, take my word for it, it does really work and does a great job of it. Well worth the value.

Bret from Texas said: April 10th, 2012 8:34 pm
"Rave reviews my friend, rave reviews. Salut my engineering friend, America really is a great place to reach for the stars, and you grabbed a handful. Best wishes in all your endeavors....."

Kristine S. from Tacoma WA said: April 3rd, 2012 5:59 am
"When my sis got home we went outside to try the PooVak. AMAZING! We are both amazed. It picked up every kind of doo: wet, dry, stuck to grass, even my goats' poo (which we plan to use in our garden)! You have a winner!!!" Kristine S., dog and goat owner

Mike in AZ said: April 1st, 2012 3:12 pm
This is a great product! The suction is strong; not so strong that it picks up 1/4 inch gravel along with the waste. We are very happy with our Poovak; we first tried a different product (the Pet Pooch Power ...) from a well- known online reseller. We were very dissapointed with the lack of suction (other product). This product blows it away... Thanks to Poovak we clean up fast our backs are saved!

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